Two case studies highlighting unnecessary chimpanzee suffering: Flo and Nicole’s stories
December 29, 2012, 2:05 am
Filed under: Chimpanzee Welfare

by L. Docherty



At 55 years old Flo is the oldest chimpanzee at the Alamogordo Primate Facility in New Mexico.  She was captured in the wild and torn from her family to face a life of constant “knock downs”, pain and isolation.  She  was used as a breeder and over a ten year span she gave birth to three babies who were taken from her and taken to the nursery. In the wild, young chimpanzees stay with their mothers until at least 7 years old. Shamefully during the forty years she endured in medical research, she was subjected to  113 knock downs and used in hepatitis, polio and cancer studies (source medical report from APNM).


Nicoleincage-takenin1980s copy

Nicole is 29 years old and was born in the laboratory. She was taken away from her mother straight away, never having the chance to bond with her. During her 25 years of being used in medical research she was subjected to 45 knock downs, 97 bleeds and 21 liver biopsies (source medical report from APNM).

It’s not too late. Please contact your local senator and urge them to to pass the S.810, the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act, before this 112th Congressional session ends, so that no more chimpanzees need go through this ever again.


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